Very Short: A Knot In Your Mind

Why so short?

Most people are in a frenzied hurry. Seven billion people multiplied by Warhol’s “fifteen minutes” represents no Trivial Pursuit to the pop-addicted mentality (“pop” being an abbreviation of popular), the mentality where the factor it draws more people together totally eclipses the factor it has substance.

A perfect species (one that pays the rent, gets high, and has orgasms) requires no focus but the security of numbers.

The Actual Exercise!

What happens if we unravel the following mental and cognitive knot?


An infant is in no sense cheerfully adapting to its intended role. It’s own view is that it was conceived in error.

Added together with:

The lie that is holding most people’s chin up: that their infancies were pure, or very nearly pure, bliss;

Leads to the conclusion: infants who are protesting are having a dysfunctional reaction.


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